Christian Militia / Natural Family Pledge

I PLEDGE to support the Christian Militia and the Natural Family Foundation by joining them in the Army of God and fight the battle of Spiritual Warfare to restore God’s perfect law as the Supreme Law of the Land and for the restoration and concept of the natural family; I believe that our Christian beliefs, traditions and history are under attack and dedicate myself to making the way for the Spirit of God to spread across our nation to take hold of all God fearing, freedom loving Christian Americans. I believe the family is the foundation of all strong societies including the United States.


I believe the natural family consists solely of: one biological born man and one biological born woman committed in a lifelong monogamous relationship to include their biological and or adopted children.


I commit myself to work with others to help support the mission of the Christian Militia and the Natural Family Foundation by protecting and defending our One True God, our communities and our families against all foreign and domestic threats against our Biblical principles, history and traditions, to strengthen the concept of the natural family, and gladly add my name to the list of the Christian Militia/Natural Family Foundation supporters.


I will do everything within my power to encourage the growth of the Christian Militia and the Natural Family, to place it in the prominent place it must occupy for America to continue to be the greatest nation on earth.