Now is the time for the silent majority, the Christians, to come together in defense of our history

For more than 150 years our country has been in spiritual and moral decline. We never imagined that America, or, the world for that matter, could come to this. We didn’t understand how evil was creeping in because of complacency and tolerance. But suddenly we find ourselves staring straight into the face of evil and immorality! Mayhem, rape, infanticide, sexual abuse of our children and murder are running rampant in America! And there is a grief that has welled up into the hearts and minds of Christians that seek resolution... we need hope... we need answers... where are the leaders? Where is the Church? We are a nation divided down the middle on ideological lines. Some imagine that as the risk increases, we would need more government for security. But history has shown us where that road leads and Christian American Patriots refuse to permit Socialism and larger Government control to be the answer. However our news media is controlled by bias and partisan ideology. Most of what we hear and read in the mainstream is nothing but distortion, and lies, disinformation, and more lies, and propaganda, and yes, even more lies, in order to advance a socialist agenda. And our public education system is pumping out more and more brainwashed socialists. Our elected leaders promise us change and then fall right in line with the status quo. So we elected an outsider and then watched how the people in positions of power manipulated that power in a corrupt conspiracy to thwart our will. The disease in our culture is driving our young people and citizens to commit heinous murderous slaughter. Then, as the mayhem increases the government is advancing forward to disarm us. We can see where this road is leading us, and, while some fight taking up one cause or another we continue to see our nation declining. The Christian Militia was formed to bring together the millions of Christian Americans that are disgusted with the direction our country is headed, bring them out of their complacent shell’s, and provide the means to say ‘we will be silent no more’ with the force of the God lead, spiritually awaked silent majority. We ask you to join the Christian Militia at our website and add your name so your voice will be heard. It doesn’t cost anything and it will provide you and millions of others the way to be heard... to put your foot down... and say ‘no more’. Should you decide to donate to The Christian Militia, you will help us build a force that will fight for our Christian rights, history and traditions. And we will work to see that God’s Law and a Biblical Constitution based on God’s Law (Psalm 19:7-11), becomes something that no one dare ignore! And we will be able to do all these things for you and your fellow Christian Americans by you signing up, giving what you can, and by standing with us in the fight. We can take back America, but first, we must Make America Christian Again where we can once again become a beacon, shining for all the world to see. Yahweh our God is not done with our country, nor should we be.

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