The Shocking Story of KAL 007

Read the full article here. Korean Airline flight 007 was aptly named, and perhaps intentionally so, as it is the source of a story worthy of a James Bond story. Contrary to the public lies about its demise, the passengers survived the flight and attack on it by the USSR.

Many are still alive who recall the disturbing news of September 1, 1983 that the Soviets shot down a civilian Boeing 747 aircraft which had drifted into its airspace. President Reagan made a live broadcast speech 5 days later denouncing the barbarity of the Soviets, a regime he had previously labeled the Evil Empire.

On board were 269 passengers who left Anchorage, Alaska as the final leg of a trip from John F Kennedy Airport in New York City en route to South Korea, carrying US officials to commemorate the 30 year anniversary of the United States–South Korea Mutual Defense Treaty. On board was Congressman Larry McDonald who was joined in Alaska by Senators Jesse Helms, Steve Symms, and Representative Carroll Hubbard.

Richard Nixon was also on hand but warned at the last minute not to board the flight, a subject to which we shall return.

The official story is that the plane, commanded by a highly seasoned pilot who flew the president of South Korea, and served by a highly seasoned crew which had flown this flight for years, veered into Soviet air space, refused to heed warnings to leave, and was subsequently shot down by a pilot of a Soviet SU-15 aircraft.

The actual sequence of events differs substantially from the US government lies. Much of the information presented here comes from The International Committee for the Rescue of KAL 007 Survivors who drew upon a rich bank of resources including Avraham Shifrin, Izvestia news reports, the CIA Report, the ICAO Report (UN), and investigations by Senator Jesse Helms.


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