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VetFest History

Bay Area Vetfest began in 2018 as an idea for an event to honor our veterans and first responders and give back to the men and women who are currently serving, have bravely served and to remember those who have paid the ultimate price for our freedoms. An idea that meant the City of La Porte would become home to a new annual community event, the founder created the Vetfest in an effort to bring the citizens of La Porte, Tx. and the surrounding communities together, offer opportunities for the community veterans and first responders, and to provide opportunities for assistance with issues they are facing on a daily basis. With a little hard work and dedication we are confident the VetFest will grow and expand to cover the entire state of Texas, and eventually, the whole United States with VetFest events taking place in states throughout the nation. 

The folks involved with the Bay Area Vetfest know that being a veteran or a first responder, whether man or woman means "following through on one's commitments, setting goals, and achieving those goals both personally and professionally". They want to pass this knowledge on to the area youth. Our goal is to insure that our communities continue to remain committed and always support our veterans and first responders.

Bay Area Vetfest is open to everyone, veteran or non-veteran, so that we can promote awareness to the local and surrounding communities. The event is run, managed and operated by veterans both from the military and first responder communities. We have veteran owned businesses that set up at the event where they can sell their products, inter-act with the community and promote their talents and skills. It is a day full of meeting great people, restoring lost camaraderie, participating in fun and exciting events, eating some wonderful food, and listening to some fantastic musical entertainment. Our vets look forward to sharing some of their life stories, their experiences and successes with you. We welcome all who are interested in becoming a part of the annual Vetfest by becoming a volunteer or setting up a booth or just visiting the event. It is only because of the people and businesses of our communities that we are successful in providing these opportunities to our veterans of the military and first responder communities.

For the veterans returning from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, there are little to no opportunities for them to meet other veterans and share their lives with one another. Bay Area Vetfest was organized as a way of bringing awareness to these and veterans from all eras of military and/or first responder service. Being a veteran or a first responder means being an individual that possesses qualities such as independence, compassion, and integrity. They are individuals who strive to preserve his or her honor and self-respect all the while offering the same to others.

Just as the founders of Vetfest wanted the community to understand the role of the veteran, they wanted to illustrate that being a "vet" was more than just "carrying a gun into combat", or as a first responder, putting their lives on the line every day they walk out the door to go to work. And, with the inclusion of women serving more strategic roles in our military and as first responders, they to embrace the idea of what it means to be a "veteran." We understand and support the value of women by including them in the “Vetfest” activities. They provided a means by which the young ladies could illustrate that a woman who has served can maintain her femininity and beauty, while she demonstrates independence, sincerity, compassion and self-respect. They also wanted the community to understand that women are just as capable of serving and protecting our communities and our country as their male counterparts.

Our Vision

Bay Area Vetfest believes that we are a team, one organization and event with one vision.

We are a group of veterans from the military and first responder communities with a common goal, to work as one unit to achieve success through our veterans and first responders. Our vision is to recognize and support America’s veterans, police, firefighters, and EMT’s through the VetFest event, our partnered organizations and our outreach programs. We strive at providing the best opportunities to end veteran and first responder homelessness, mental health and other medical or financial issues, and when possible, provide equipment and training to our first responders.

Our volunteers are driven to meet or exceed these expectations. They are focused on making sure this and every Vetfest event is a success and improve the quality of life for our veterans and first responders in need.

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